The Secret Treasures of Hans Wehr is a learning portal intended to assist students of Arabic to come in direct visual contact with the vast multitudes of creative meanings and amusing definitions of Arabic words contained within the Hans Wehr Dictionary Modern Written Arabic.

This website is the realization of a long-running Arabic lexicography project started in Tangier, Morocco in the Summer of 2007. The project's aim was to share with Arabic students around the world, the then small amount of interesting and often humorous entries found within the pages of the Hans Wehr Arabic dictionary. What started out as a small idea, has now morphed itself into this electronic resource.

While many may not find the contents of this website of any particular interest, others will come to see the Hans Wehr dictionary in a new light. It was only after reading and re-reading the Hans Wehr dictionary in its entirety that the Creator came to understand the underlying foundations of the theoretical lexicography pertaining to the Arabic language, namely analyzing the linguistic relationships of Arabic words and how native writers of Arabic and Arabic learners are best able to use these words in writing, reading and even speaking. It was this long and arduous process that has allowed the Creator to come to a much deeper understanding of the Arabic language and a much greater appreciation for the Hans Wehr dictionary as a fundamental tool in the hands of the serious student of Arabic.

The Secret Treasures of Hans Wehr seeks to bring the hidden words and creative expressions found within the Hans Wehr dictionary into the course of study of all interested Arabic students by highlighting new entries every day. These entries will be written in Arabic, will include their corresponding short vowels and will be accompanied with a Roman script transliteration. Each entry will carry a corresponding definition as found in the dictionary and any background commentary that may be of interest. All entries can and will be divided into a specific category and will be labeled as such. A list of the most fitting categories has been provided at the bottom of the home page and will allow the visitor to search entries by category. A Search feature will allow visitors to look up any posted entry by typing a word from its definition section. When a word is entered in the Search bar, the search engine will be queried, and the search results will display all entries which contain that specific word as part of its definition.

The website invites everyone to comment on all posted entries and to share any story relating to a specific entry's assistance to their Arabic studies. Entries can also be submitted for daily posting and are always encouraged. Questions, comments and suggestions are always appreciated. After much work and effort, it is the Creator's sincerest hope that this unique outlet will contribute to the formidable task of learning and teaching Arabic through creative and entertaining means.